July, 2012

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Affordable Cosmetic Surgery

There is a difference between affordable and cheap cosmetic surgery.  Everybody wants to pay less for more.  However, cheap cosmetic surgery can be expensive if you don’t obtain your desired result or have a costly complication.  We are committed to providing high quality affordable cosmetic procedures for Indianapolis.  I am dual board certified in cosmetic surgery as well as general surgery.  Last week while teaching at a conference for cosmetic and plastic surgeons in St. Louis, I had the privilege to work with some of leaders in the field of aesthetic surgery.  Even though I have performed hundreds of procedures, I was exposed to new techniques that improve results and offer safer outcomes.  I offer these cutting edge procedures in the office and will soon be introducing new techniques such as small volume breast reductions and stem cell facial skin rejuvenation.  If you are interested in achieving your dream results safely, at an affordable price, call our office for a limited time complimentary consultation and let us help you find the beautiful you.
Dr. Lowery